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Domaine de la Monette

Although it hadn’t been a producing wine estate in nearly 30 years, the Domaine de la Monette still had a couple of acres attached alongside the old houses.  It got a second lease on its viticultural life when an enterprising Dutch couple, Roelof Ligtmans and Marlon Stein purchased the estate in 2006.  They are the sort of people who seem to make a success on whatever they train their sights.  They went to oenology school while rebuilding the winery and rehabilitating the vines.  Along the way, they bought a couple more vineyards that had by luck come for sale and a few years later, introduced their first releases of Mercurey.  We are thrilled to have been introduced early to the Ligtmans and their terrific wines.  While the wines do not yet have organic certification, from the beginning Roelof has made a practice of completely organic viticulture.  The wines are welcoming with their in-tune expressions of Burgundy. 

 Mercurey Blanc

Gamay “Vieilles Vignes”

Bourgogne Rouge “Cotechat"

Mercurey Rouge

Mercurey Rouge “Le Saut Michiau”