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Caves de Jean Bourdy

The wines of Domaine Jean Bourdy are unique and rare in the world of fine wine.   The domaine was created between 1475 and 1500 and the now brothers Jean-Philippe and Jean-François represent the 15th generation to maintain the family legacy.  The beautiful, ancient buildings lie quietly in the corner of the leafy village of Arlay, in the western part of the Jura.  Since 2005, the domaine has been certified bio-dynamic. The white (100% Chardonnay) and the red (Pinot Noir, Poulsard and Trousseau) are aged 3 years in old casks before bottling. The domaine has a policy of holding bottles in reserve for later release. The list of available wines includes over 30 vintages of red going back to 1926, over 40 vintages of white back to 1888, and 40 vintages of Château Chalon back to 1895.  It is a surprising thing that a working winery could also be designated as a living library but the French government has so honored its longevity of culture and winemaking.    The range of wines is completely traditional- sparkling, still, vin du voile, distilled.  How to describe the wines?  They taste of sunlight and earth and of time.  They are wise when they are new; they are forever young when they are old.        

Cremant de Jura

Côtes de Jura Blanc

Côtes de Jura Savagnin

Côtes de Jura Rouge

Vin de Paill

Château Chalon


Galant des Abesses