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Domaine Henry Pellé

The Domaine Henry Pellé is synonymous with Menetou-Salon.  Indeed, it was Henry himself who single-handedly elevated the reputation of this tiny satellite of Sancerre through meticulous farming and informed winemaking.  The estate has about 40 hectacres of organically farmed vines in the heart of the appellation around the village of Morogues.  The soils are mainly the amazingly calciferous Kimmeridgian limestone made up of billions of tiny, ancient sea shells.  It is these specific soils that give the wines their brightness and nervosity.  In the celar, the wines are fermented with ambient yeast and left to rest sure lie.  Henry’s grandchildren now run the estate and produce wines of such superior concentration and brisk acidity that they have practically a cult following among lovers of Loire wine. 

Menetou-Salon Blanc “Les Bornés”

Menetou-Salon “Morogues” 

Sancerre “La Croix au Garde”