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Casal de Armán

In recent memory, the wines of Ribeiro meant filling cheap co-op wine in jugs to take away in bulk.  Not that it was a bad thing, but these wines were little more than fruity quaffers.  Today there are a growing number of quality-conscious colleteiros making wines of a completely different breed.  Colleteiro is a local word referring to those who make exclusively wine from estate-grown grapes and generally connotes a small scale production.  Casal de Arman began restoring an 18th century country house in 1996 and acquired various plots (many were actually in the family for four generations) of vineyards in some of the best growing sites in the area.  Today they farm about 12 hectares of vineyards, many on incredibly steep terraced hillsides.  All the fruit is hand harvested.  A deep respect for the preservation of the land has always been integral to their farming philosophy.

In their short history, Casal de Arman has racked up a string of awards in Spain and Europe for being on the best performers in Ribeiro.  They also own a hotel and restaurant where they serve their wines so export quantities are fairly limited as most of the production is consumed locally.  

Casal de Arman Ribeiro Blanco 

Casal de Arman Ribeiro Tinto